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British Bulldog WWE Summerslam 1992 Figure Available Now!

British Bulldog - WWE Elite 94

Celebrate 30 years of WWE's iconic, historic event from their record breaking sell out arena Summerslam 92" Get the exclusive "British Bulldog" Summerslam 1992 figure now!

"The rough stuff doesn't get any better than The British Bulldog in Mattel WWE Elite 94! Davey Boy Smith has a smiling headscan and braided locks, a molded choker and red and blue stylized wrist tape. His right leg of his tights feature a Union Jack style and 'Bulldog' text and his right leg is colored blue and red. His white boots feature 'B B' in red and blue and he also includes a Union Jack accessory!" British Bulldog- WWE Elite 94 WWE Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel!

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