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Chella Toys 'British Bulldog' Collaboration



🙋💥💥🚨 Fan Vote!!!!! 🚨💥💥🙋

We are over the moon here at @chellatoys to be working with one of the biggest names in professional wrestling THE @thebritishbulldogwwe 🔥🔥

We want to send a special thank you to Georgia and the family of the @thebritishbulldogwwe for letting us have the opportunity to create some truly amazing action figures together!

We appreciate everyone single one of you that has been with @chellatoys every step of the way! As a show of our gratitude, we are letting the fans pick which era of the @thebritishbulldogwwe that we should make!! 🔥🔥 🇬🇧

Voting will start very soon! 🔥

Thank you to @tippys_shiz for these amazing pieces of artwork! Without Brian none of this is possible! 🙏


Who wants to see a British Bulldogs two pack!!?? 🇬🇧🐶

Could Davey be the 6th member of BONE CRUSHING WRESTLERS? 🦴💥

A lot of exciting things ahead for 2022! 🎆🎇


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