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Davey's Diet


Training Days Off the Road

  • Coffee, cream and two artificial sweetener

  • Glass of orange juice

  • Toast with butter

  • Heinz British beans or canned stewed tomatoes

  • Two eggs, fried

Always a big glass of water twenty minutes or more after he ate breakfast, no matter where he was at the time. And he always had a big glass of water about twenty minutes after every big meal. He did not drink a lot of water prior to going to sleep though.

Train at the gym

Eat within 45 minutes after training was done.

Lunch after training was something like:

If he was at home in either the UK or Tampa:

  • Two chicken breasts, cooked over the flame in cast iron pan, or baked, covered in the oven, but not overcooked.

  • Spinach salad with mushrooms or a salad of some kind and a bit of dressing, just to give the salad a little bit more flavor.

  • Some sort of carb, like a pasta, baked potato or rice, just as a side. The main part of this lunch was protein to help my muscles after training. Davey didn't really need the carbs/energy so much after the workout.


  • Sushi, if he was in Calgary

Some kind of soup, like cream of mushroom or French Onion, with bread.

6:00 PM Tea or dinner

  • 8-10 oz T-bone or rib-eye steak, med rare with cooked mushrooms

  • Broccoli or green veg, steamed or boiled with salt and olive oil and a dash of red pepper flakes

  • Mashed or baked potato, a bit of sour cream or plain yogurt, salt and pepper


Training Days On the Road

On days when Davey was on the road, meals were a lot different because he only had himself to feed. It was more of a family affair when he ate at home, so his food was often more specific on the road, at hotels and restaurants.

On the road:
Coffee, 2 artificial sweetener and cream

Meal prior to training:
A full glass of orange juice or apple juice mixed into protein shake that he would make in a shaker container just before training. Then his usual protein drink was Metryx brand, usually chocolate, and the powder was low in sugar and fat. Davey would eat a banana along with this drink.


Meal within 30 minutes, if possible after training:
10 egg whites
, a 6-8 oz rib eye steak, med rare, with seasoning like salt and pepper.
Coffee, cream and two artificial sweeteners.

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