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Look at these fantastic cans of “Hey Bulldog” beer 🍻 that will be available from @wildroverbrewing on December 2nd. The beer is brewing as we speak!

Check out last picture for the menu. All based on Davey’s favourites! 🇬🇧 RSVP here: for this free public event!

Art made by the great @carljdraws 👏🏼

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Very excited to announce the Hey Bulldog” 🎶 British Bulldog Beer 🇬🇧🍺🍻 which will be available at @wildroverbrewing Saturday, December 2nd.

We will be having an all day event at @wildroverbrewing. Celebrating what would’ve been Davey’s 61st Birthday, and celebrating his honorary first beer! 💪🏼🔥 We will have my father’s memorabilia on display for people to come see, along with his matches playing on the projectors. This will also be @wildroverbrewing’s 80’s night coinciding with the day dedicated to Davey! Free entry, and @littlematildabulldog will be there as well! 🇬🇧🐶🐾 This beer is amazing, and can’t wait for the finished can to show you all. Save the date and see you there! More announcements to come!♥️🤍💙

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